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Consulting Services

A partnership with Alhalat will help you reach solutions that will increase your institutional productivity and performance. Our team of professionals will partner with you to overcome obstacles, learn from them, and become more resilient when meeting future challenges.

  • Tracking your organization’s performance and researching key metrics that will ensure making more informed decisions going forward.
  • Supporting you to frame operational and customized policies and procedures.
  • Optimizing your organization’s operations, while improving your financial performance.
  • Restructuring possible under-performing areas within your organization.


Alhalat professionals help you develop strategies that guide you in assessing how best to allocate resources. We can surely empower your team members so that they can become instrumental to your success.

Policies and Procedures

Three main costs must be considered when setting policies and procedures:

  • The physical cost of writing policies and procedures.
  • The opportunity cost of not writing policies and procedures.
  • The cost of writing policies and procedures, and not using them.

Setting your company’s policies and procedures is a costly and time-consuming task that can quickly become overwhelming if it is not done properly. We will help you prioritize the policy areas, identify each one’s scope, and validate the procedures through a well-defined and cost-effective process.


Today’s markets are as ruthless as ever. The smallest mistakes will be punished and the threat of being undercut and driven out of the market is constant. Alhalat will benchmark your business’s performance against local and international competitors so that you can identify your business’s strengths and use them to overcome its weaknesses.


The professionals at Alhalat help management stabilize finances and operations to reassure creditors, investors, and other stakeholders that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value. Our vast expertise across various industries enables us to quickly ascertain the key issues and to react immediately on behalf of our clients in order to turn financial challenges into opportunities for further development and success.