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Logistics Services

Alhalat offers procurement, warehouse, production, transport, spare parts, outbound and disposal logistics services, customized to the needs of our customers and their whole supply chain.

Alhalat field of activity begins at the end of the production process with production-related services and ends with the delivery to the recipient. All steps between these like warehousing, production-related services, and administration are included. We also handle procurement logistics, parts of the supply management based on framework contracts with the suppliers, as well as elements of disposal logistics.


Transport Logistics

Our logistics products – the network of all transport carriers – and our electronically controlled services guarantee a smooth execution. Your goods will reach their final destination, and you will be able to follow them every step of the way.

Procurement Logistics

Procurement logistics deals with all logistic tasks concerning the flow of good´s preparation, execution, and monitoring from supplier to recipient.

Depending on the agreed incoterms, the range of control can cover the whole process, from delivery of products to receipt and acceptance of goods, product testing, initial warehousing, and internal transport to the place of consumption. All connected planning, controlling, and monitoring issues are covered, too.

Outbound Logistics

Outbound logistics is the last part of the supply chain ensuring the delivery of the finished ware to the various markets. For a joint success, meeting the agreed conditions like lead time, reliability, and quality, is essential. Therefore, the logistics costs should be transparent and calculable at all times without sacrificing quality.



Professional ware-housing (more than 4000m2 Storage Space) 

We optimize your stocks with you and create new opportunities. We raise the quality of your logistics and coordinate your demands in the supply chain.

Our flexible multi-user-warehouses offer economic conditions and effective use of storage capacity, even for complex demands like dedicated warehouses. Our standardized processes and state-of-the-art-IT-systems can be customized to the needs of our partners. This guarantees effective warehousing and the realization of all desired goals.

Value-Added Services

With us, your wares are in good hands. In addition to transportation services and professional ware-housing, we offer a variety of value-added services: packaging, labeling, finishing – we can take care of your good´s final processing. Our customized logistics concepts will raise your productivity and efficiency.